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The Society for Phenomenology and the Philosophy of Science (SPPS), formed in 2018, intends to provide a home for researchers whose primary investigation concerns phenomenological approaches to the constitution and grounding of scientific knowledge. The organization intends to provide its members with ongoing support in their endeavors, whether through conferences or through publications, and to offer assistance to efforts engaged in the furtherance of phenomenological approaches to physics, biology, chemistry, and other natural sciences. The society organizes yearly conferences and meets as a subsidiary of the Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy.

Our organization is committed to inclusive principles of diversity and non-discrimination on the criteria of race, religion, gender, sex and sexuality.


Marina Paola Banchetti-Robino

Florida Atlantic University

Adam Frank

University of Rochester

Shaun Gallagher

University of Memphis

Arezoo Islami

San Francisco State University

Maxine Sheets-Johnstone

University of Oregon

Evan Thompson

University of British Columbia

Bas van Fraassen

San Francisco State University

Harald Wiltsche 

Linköping University

Gina Zavota

Kent State University

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