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1. The aim of the Society for Phenomenology and the Philosophy of Society (henceforth SPPS) is the analysis of the role of experience in the constitution of scientific knowledge. 

2. The SPPS pursues this aim by holding regular conferences in the United States of America, publishing whenever possible proceedings from these conferences, co-operating with other organizations toward the furtherance of its aims, and engaging in other academic activities.  

3. Full membership of the society is open to all those wishing to pursue the aims of SPPS as outlined in principles 1 and 2.

4. The officers of the SPPS consist of the President, the Secretary / Treasurer, the Bulletin Editor, and any of their deputies or assistants provided for in the Constitution or approved of by the Advisory Board.

5. The President holds office for three years and is eligible for re-election for another three-year term. If they are unable to attend the annual meeting or temporarily perform their duties due to illness or any other reason, they may appoint a Vice President from members of the Advisory Board. If the office of the President becomes vacant through death, incapacitation or resignation before the expiration of the term, the members of the Advisory board will appoint an Acting President.

6. The Secretary, Treasurer, and Bulletin Editor will all hold terms of three years, and are eligible for reelection for a subsequent three-year period in office. If either of them dies, resigns, or becomes incapacitated during the normal term of responsibilities, the President will appoint a replacement to perform their duties until the next annual meeting.

7. The SPPS may move to dissolve itself by a majority vote of its Advisory Board, after which a vote will be extended to all active members. 

8. In the case of dissolution, the Advisory Board determines to which other institution, society, or cause the net assets of the SPPS will be transferred.


The Society for Phenomenology and the Philosophy of Science is maintained by its Co-founders at Stony Brook University and overseen by its Advisory Council. Any individual interested in participating in the oversight of SPPS can contact: for more information.

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